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Discover a renewed ScheldeMonitor portal

The ScheldeMonitor is a Flemish-Dutch knowledge and information portal on research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. Commissioned by the Flemish-Dutch Scheldt Committee (VNSC), the portal serves as a hub for capturing and disseminating all kinds of data and information about the various aspects that play a role in the entire area of both the Western-Scheldt and the Sea-Scheldt.

The portal has been in use since 2004 as an information system for research and monitoring in the Scheldt estuary. In the initial phase of the platform, the main focus was on accessing datasets, but as of 2010 this was extended with information and products related to the Scheldt estuary. This development continues to this day and since this summer, the ScheldeMonitor portal is an accessible platform to view data from the Scheldt, to download or view user-ready data visualisations and to obtain more information about these datasets. The website no longer limits itself to a specialized user profile, but is also aiming at a wider interested audience. Currently works on more functionalities that will appear on the website are ongoing.

The renewed ScheldeMonitor portal can be viewed here.