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Blue Economy and Innovation

The Blue Economy is a multi-sectoral and ever dynamically evolving part of the overall economy, including newer sectors such as renewable offshore energy and blue biotechnology, side by side with more traditional sectors such as fisheries and shipping. Broader than mere economics, it can be argued that the Blue Economy includes not only industries, but also the natural resources and ecosystem services provided by the ocean (such as sea food or CO2 capture). The ocean and associated economy are considered necessary to meet environmental and climate goals. In this context, the Blue Economy is also an essential element in the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined in the United Nations Agenda 2030. The majority of the Blue Economy's sectors are experiencing strong growth rates over the period 2009-2018. Innovation is crucial for both established and emerging marine and maritime sectors to grow in a sustainable way.

In the ‘Thematic Chapter’, an overview is given of the policy context, socio-economic data and legal aspects of the Blue Economy in the Belgian part of the North Sea. A spatial overview can be found under the 'Coastal Portal'. For detailed information on specific sectors within the Blue Economy, please refer to the relevant user functions and the corresponding ‘Thematic Chapters’.