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Your opinion about the new marine spatial plan of the North Sea

Your opinion about the new marine spatial plan of the North Sea

From 29 June to 28 September 2018, you can provide input on the draft marine spatial plan (MSP) 2020-2026 for the Belgian part of the North Sea.

The Belgian part of the North Sea is one of the most intensively used seas in the world. Green energy, sand extraction, shipping, fisheries, aquaculture, military use, nature conservation, scientific research are just some of the activities that take place on a daily basis in an area that covers only 0.5% of the North Sea. In order to allow a balanced use of the area, it is important to make clear agreements between the various users of the North Sea.

This is exactly what a MSP is aiming for. Because of a rapidly changing world, the MSP is being revised every six years. The first MRP dates from 2014 and is valid until 2020. Philippe De Backer, Secretary of State for the North Sea, has drafted the current MRP covering the period 2020-2026.


Public consultation

The North Sea belongs to all of us, so it is important to know the opinion of the general public and to take this into account in order to achieve a widely supported MSP. From 29 June 2018 onwards, you will find the drafted MRP, the environmental impact report and more information about the consultation on public consultation stems from the Aarhus Convention, which gives you the right to participate in environmental decision making.


Public consultation meeting

On 9 July 2018, at 2 pm, a public consultation meeting will be organised on this subject. This will take place in the buildings of the FPS Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and Environment, Victor Hortaplein 40, bus 10, 1060 Brussels, opposite the Brussels South Station. State Secretary Philippe De Backer will be present to explain the drafted MSP. Afterwards there is the possibility to ask questions.

You can register via this link.

More information about the current MRP (2014-2020):