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Open call for pre-proposals in the Blue Bioeconomy

Within the BlueBio ERA-Net COFUND funding programme, a call has been launched for pre-proposals aimed at the supply systems in the Blue Bioeconomy. Candidate projects within this call should focus on identifying new and improving existing ways to market natural products and services and finding new ways to create value in the Blue Bioeconomy. Specifically, projects should be designed to facilitate the transfer (i.e. logistics, conservation and transport) of natural resources from harvesting (capture or production) to processing to ensure e.g. traceability, quality, sustainability and the necessary quantity of natural resources for conversion into products for the market. This also includes the supply systems to primary producers for certain aspects that may be of importance for the natural resources as they progress along the value chain.

For this call, 13 partners from 12 countries (Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Romania and Spain) contributed EUR 11 million. All projects are open to partners from all countries to the extent that they contribute their own resources.

Each project must include at least three partners from three countries and at least one partner from the business sector. It is possible to find partners at European level via the following link.

Pre-proposals can be submitted until 14 September 2020. In the meantime, digital brokerage events will be organised on 14/6 and 25/6 for which you can already register.

For more information about BlueBioCOFUND and the full text of this call, please click here.
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