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The EU blue economy: a state of play

The document, entitled 'The blue economy', provides an overview of the state of the blue economy in the European Union. In addition to listing the main socio-economic features of each EU sea basin, the report provides an overview of the overall macroeconomic situation and the impact of global financial markets on financing and investment trends.

The EU blue economy employs more than four million people and accounts for 1.3% of European GDP. The report also demonstrates the high dynamics of the landscape. The offshore wind sector can gradually be seen as an established value, while more traditional sectors such as the oil and gas sector, for example, are struggling.

The report points to the profound changes needed to fully exploit the long-term potential of the blue economy in terms of jobs, growth and investment. For example, more effective and coordinated steps will need to be taken to bring together the environmental, economic and social aspects of ocean governance. By assessing the state of the EU blue economy and investment opportunities, the report can support policy in the transition towards sustainable ocean and coastal management.

You can read the full report here.