Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018 in last straight line after meeting with expert group | Compendium Coast and Sea

Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018 in last straight line after meeting with expert group

Within each Compendium process, the Compendium Secretariat is guided by a steering committee consisting of experts from the research, the government and civil society organisations. This steering committee and the Compendium Secretariat meet at least three times during each new Compendium process for an interim process evaluation. With the last expert group meeting now finished, the Secretariat has entered the last straight line towards the long-awaited Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018.

The Compendium Secretariat indicated that it was on schedule to have all Compendium products ready in time for launch. With this upcoming series of new and updated products the Secretariat wants to stand out with the Compendium as an established and above all recognizable value in the professional marine landscape. For this reason, a strong focus is kept through all editorial steps on recognisability through uniformity and the creation of a “Compendium identity”. This exercise will also be continued in 2019, when the current Compendium website will be given a thorough overhaul, which will also include measures to increase digital user-friendliness. There are also new developments in the pipeline that will bring the Compendium for Coast and Sea to other end users.

The launch event was also discussed extensively during the expert group meeting. Moreover, the Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018 will be officially presented on 7 December 2018 at the Grote Post in Ostend. The event will be linked to the importance of marine research and its valorisation (e.g. Sustainable Development Goal 14 and the Ocean Science Decade). The evolution of marine research over the past ten years and the needs for the future will also be discussed. A save the date and possibility to register for this event will follow later.