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Call themes 2nd cycle Think Tank North Sea (2020)

As part of the review of the marine spatial plan for the Belgian part of the North Sea (2020-2026), a trajectory was initiated to develop a long-term vision for Belgian maritime policy (horizon 2050) in 2016, at the initiative of Secretary of State for the North Sea Philippe De Backer. In three working groups (Naturalness, Blue Economy and Multiple Use of Space), representatives from science, policy, industry, civil society organisations and general society came together to reflect on the main challenges, threats and opportunities for the Belgian part of the North Sea, leading to the launch of the North Sea Vision 2050 in December 2017, and the establishment of an independent Think Tank North Sea. This has a threefold objective in relation to North Sea themes: broadening support and coordination, a breeding ground for vision development and the formulation of scientifically sound advice.

After a public inquiry for possible topics, a first Think Tank cycle of thematic working groups took place in 2019, in which 'Working with nature' and 'Living with climate change' were the central topics of discussion. The results were presented to the public in Ostend on 19 December 2019 and can also be consulted here.

At the start of 2020, the Think Tank North Sea is now ready to embark in a second cycle, launching a call for themes to be addressed by the think tank. This bottom-up approach allows all stakeholders and interested parties to put forward discussion points, so everyone is eligible to suggest themes. Relevant discussion topics can be delivered to the Think Tank North Sea between 4 and 15 March 2020 via the following template. Afterwards, the Think Tank Steering Committee will determine and further define the themes for 2020, taking into account the number, nature and potential overlap of the entries. It is anticipated that the final workgroup(s) will start soon after that.


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